Grace White Pinot 2021 Sold Out

New Release
Grace is a new take on Pinot Noir where we have pressed the grapes as soon as handpicked to limit colour pickup. 

This wine is elegantly dangerous! You might consider it a grown up Rose. It comes from our own estate grown Pinot Noir grapes, handled with care and sensitivity from budburst to bottle.

A very pretty blush colour, Grace is extremely attractive in the glass but its true beauty shows to the nose and taste. Baked pears and citrus notes on the nose, crisp and dry on the palate with a touch of spiciness. The exceptional 2021 vintage has delivered a wine that is rich and round to taste with a lingering dry finish - delicious!

This wine can be presented as a sophisticated Rose but equally sits alongside a white wine selection, filling that gaping hole between Pinot Gris (its cousin) and Chardonnay (its alter ego).

Made in a fuller style, Grace has the backbone to take you from that long lunch into an evening. It is brilliant with the usual white wine food pairings and absolutely sings with seafood.


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