Grace White Pinot 2023 New Release

New Release from our Cyclone Gabrielle Vintage
Grace is a new take on Pinot Noir where we have pressed the grapes as soon as handpicked to limit colour pickup and then made as a white wine. 

The 2023 Grace comes from our cyclone Gabrielle Vintage.
This wine always speaks of the vintage it comes from, so expect a refreshing, crisp Alsace style wine with fresh fruit purity.
A great outcome from what could have been a forgotten vintage!

This wine is elegantly dangerous!
You might consider it an interesting alternative to cool climate varieties like Riesling or even Sauvignon Blanc.
It comes from our own estate grown Pinot Noir grapes, handled with care and sensitivity from budburst to bottle.
Grace is extremely attractive in the glass, but its true beauty shows to the nose and taste. Green apple and citrus notes on the nose, crisp and dry on the palate with a refreshing acidity.
Grace is a perfect aperitif, setting your palate up for the main course. It is also brilliant with the usual white wine food pairings and absolutely sings with seafood.


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