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Wairiki Wines

A taste of Wairiki

A taste of Wairiki

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To introduce you to the wines of Wairiki we have put together this sweet deal on a three bottle tasting pack.

Here is what's in the pack

1 Bottle of 2021 La Briar Rosé.

A pretty, bright shiny copper colour that is so typical of classic Pinot Noir Rosé.

Summer berries on the nose-think of strawberries and raspberries with a touch of spiciness.

 1 Bottle of 2020 The Optimist Pinot Noir

The 2020 Optimist exhibits fine dark berry fruit aromatics, a slightly savory palate all supported by a harmonious Oak backbone.

1 Bottle of 2022 The Matriarch Chardonnay

The 2022 vintage delivered beautifully ripe fruit that we whole bunch pressed to barrel. The immediate impression is of very ripe stone fruit (even tropical hints) and citrus tones. Then the warm creaminess comes forward with buttery vanilla oak tones.



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